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Prpperty Address: ________________________________________________


Brokers Name:                                                                                                      

Company Name:                                                                                                   


Office Phone Number: _____________________________________________

Brokers 2nd Contact Number: _______________________________________

Buyers Name Broker is Representing: _________________________________



We invite brokers to participate in this event by offering a broker participation fee.

In order to participate in broker participation, broker must complete the required forms obtained from our office.

The broker may submit an opening bid for the property on behalf of their client. If their client is the successful purchaser of the property and closes the transaction, the broker will receive 4 % of high bid.

Broker Participation: No commission will be paid if the bidder fails to close. Broker must register his/her client by mil or fax with Bob Hagemann Auction & Realty Service LLC, 28421 Rowntree Road, Burlington, WI 53105- FAX (262) 534-5066. Registration must be on the broker registration form provided by Bob Hagemann Auction & Realty Service LLC and must be signed by broker/salesperson and client, 48 hours prior to sale. Additionally, the cooperating broker must attend the auction with his/her client. Brokers acting as principals are not eligible for this commission. There can NO EXCEPTIONS to this procedure, and no broker registrations can be accepted at auction site.
Bob Hagemann Auction & Realty Service LLC is acting agent for the seller. If there is a minimum commission or if the is reduced in negotiations all parties share proportionately in this figure equally up or down on the same percentage basis. Bob Hagemann Auction & Realty Service LLC shall have full and complete in regards to commissions negotiated with seller.

BROKER SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________ DATE:_______________

SALEPERSON SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________ DATE: _______________

BUYER SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________ DATE: _______________